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Come and 'Express with Mess' at Busybug! Our fun and fast paced class structure is ideal for the varying attention span of the young child. With fresh creative techniques enjoyed every week; Busybug will always be a new experience.

My name is Jordan Butler, and I am an artist experienced in designing and delivering children's workshops. Over the past decade I have loved the work I have done with Dundee Contemporary Arts, McManus Galleries, Dundee City Council and in Primary schools providing a variety of creative learning experiences. The idea for Busybug came to me after the birth of my daughter, Ella, in 2010. I was interested in her natural curiosity and joy for anything creative, even if it was just watching, touching or hearing the materials I was using. She loved shaking and crumpling things from an early age. Through this I decided to investigate art activities for a younger market, and we have had a lot of fun trying things out. Anything she can get her hands into is an experience, and I wanted to share some of our experiments with you.

Jordan and Ella
" We loved class today! Your props rock!!" - G A Robson Dailly