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Ann started her journey as a Healer from a young age. She purchased her first pack of Tarot cards from a jumble sale at the age of 11 years and was totally fascinated by them, finding she could interpret them with ease. At around the age of 15 she was invited to join a meditation group and it is from there she began her training as a Spiritual Healer and Tarot reader. Ann decided in her mid twenties that she wanted to add to her skills and enrolled on an Anatomy & Physiology and Massage course and then went on to train in Aromatherapy. However Ann did not stop there and continued to gain qualifications in Reflexology, Crystal Therapy, Beauty Therapy and Hypnotherapy. Finally she became a part time teacher for Adult Education from 1997 to 2004 and during this time completed the City & Guilds 7307.

With her many skills, and 25 years experience as a practitioner, Ann has been able to assist her clients to overcome a wide range of health issues including back pain, tension headaches, migraine, PMT, fertility, insomnia, IBS, fears and phobias, stop smoking, weight loss or simply to relax and enjoy the ‘me’ time.

Ann has gained a great deal of knowledge and wisdom over her years as a practitioner and teacher and is confident that she can aide and assist you on your path to good health and well-being.



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