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Holistic Therapies work on the theory that when the mind, body and spirit of the person are in balance and harmony, good health will be the result.

Healthy body
Why not explore the benefits of a soothing relaxing full body Aromatherapy massage or perhaps a deeply relaxing re-hydrating facial. Experience the detoxifying and re-balancing effects of Reflexology, see how it can be of benefit to you. You may even be tempted to try a hot stone massage, an excellent combination of blended essential oils and the warmth of the basalt lava stones, a perfect way to ease away those aches and pains.

Balanced mind
Do you have a phobia or fear that you wish to overcome? Or do you want to lose weight or stop smoking. Do you need to gain more self confidence? If you can answer yes to any of these questions then help is at hand with the use of Hypnotherapy or Neuro - Linguistic Programming (NLP).

Happy soul
Have you ever thought of trying Crystal Therapy? This is an ancient healing art which combines the healing qualities of crystals as well as spiritual healing. Like most forms of healing it activates and promotes the body’s own healing mechanism. So why not give it a try? Many have been surprised at the results. Ever found yourself at a cross roads in your life, not sure which direction or path you should follow, or unable to make a decision? I have guided and helped a great deal of people over many years as a Tarot reader. I have studied the hidden wisdom which lies deep within the cards and also teach this fascinating subject.


Healthy Body

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