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Endorsements for Pauline Wilkie and ‘Crystal Messages’

Isabel: “I went to the Book Launch of ‘Crystal Messages’ with Pauline Wilkie. Amazing
evening! Got to work with two of my favourite crystals. Pauline was excellent and her
knowledge of crystals is second to none. Hopefully Pauline will be back at Ladywell
Crystals & Healing soon for Crystal Workshops”.

Joan Frances Boyle: Psychic, Medium: "This is definitley one book I'll put on my
Christmas list!"

Norma: “another good night at the Glasgow Reiki Group with Pauline - very interesting, plenty
of energy and friendly people. Lovely crystals and great to work with”

Alice: “a splendid insight into the magical world of crystals. So much still to know... Pauline's
book is satisfyingly scientific for the skeptically analytical which doesn't spoil the mystique”

Pam: “Very enjoyable and informative. Thanks!”

Sandra: “This was really interesting and fascinating. My crystal spoke in words as
well as pictures, and I became so attached to it in such a short space of time that
I bought it!”

Lorna: “Great evening full of valuable information. Thank you to Pauline Wilkie for your

John: “ Really was a good workshop. I'm hoping to have time to read the book at the weekend!”

Jane: “Pauline is one of the most inspirational people I know, and an excellent teacher.”

Nicola Gallagher: Principal, The Phoenix College of Crystal Insights: “I have just finished reading 'Crystal Messages' written by a good friend and colleague Pauline Wilkie....this book is the perfect balance of science and intuition ultimately giving crystal healing the credibility it deserves.....it’s a must read for everyone with a passion for crystals.....”

Linda Priest: Principal, The Crystalline College “Pauline's book 'Crystal Messages' is a must read for those interested in crystals and wanting to understand how to interpret crystal energy.”

Tracy North: Crystal Kismet; Crystal Therapist: “Pauline's book ‘Crystal Messages’ is a wonderful book that is a must for anyone interested in Crystals. Brilliant book!”